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Acoustic Cabins | Isolated Cabins

Acoustic Cabins | Soundproof Cabins
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Cabinas acusticas

Acoustic Cabins fabricated by AAA acustica ambiental aplicada to isolate all type of machinery.
Designed for a quick and easy installation, are composed of modular pannels that absorb 34 dB(A).
Our Acoustic Cabins concentrate on reducing the low frequenzy sounds, wihch is typically the area where you need the most help. They come with our last soundproof windows and doors that are lab tested STCs levels up to 60s.

  • Encapsulate machinery

  • Recording studio

  • Room control

  • Isolate machinery

  • Rest Rooms

  • Auditorys

  • Isolated motors

In AAA acustica ambiental aplicada we treat the noise professionally so that is inside the law.

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