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Acoustic Barriers
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Pantallas acusticas

Acoustic panels designed to form an acoustic barrier in between the noise focus and residential areas or from roads that are near by.
This panels have different material finish, the most popular one is metal with a hand of paint , colour decided by the client. There is also wood, ceramic, and methacrylate.
This panels acoustic characteristic is of 34 dB(A) of STC levels.

We are provided of a engineering department with the last tecnology to calculatte the simulated resoults. We then can give our client the best option and give him noise maps in 3D.

  • Acoustic Barrier for roads

  • Acoustic Barrier for air condition installation on roofs

  • Acoustic Barrier for railway or railroads

  • Acoustic Barrier for tunnels

  • Acoustic Barrier for machinery

  • Acoustic Barrier for industries

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