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AAA acustica ambiental aplicada | Own made soundproof doors | Direct sale of soundproof doors
We treat noiseprofessonaly and put it in the law


In AAA acustica ambiental aplicada we offer all type of products for acoustic treatment, we have our own blend in soundproof doors, silencers, acoustic barriers and silentblocks.
We do all the job, from the requiered project to the instalation of our solution.
With over 35 years of experience in the lab and in the field,
AAA acustica ambiental aplicada is qualified to address your soundproofing problems.We offer our experience through our consultations, case studies, installation guides, tchnical sheets and certified laboratory testing.
Each of our products is best in his class, you will not find higher performance lab-tested soundproofing products at a better price anywhere.
AAA acustica ambiental aplicada would like to make sure your project goes smoothly and that you aren´t omitting a key element. We feel it is important that we consult with you before you purchase anything. This consultations are part of our service and are offered at a low cost and if we do the job this cost will be free.
Let us help you find the best soundproofing solution for you.

Certified Acoustic measurments
Simulated Acoustic study´s
Detection of noise escape in acoustic treatment

Simulated acoustic study in 3D
acustico medioambiental
Acoustic isolation proyects for all type of locals
Fabrication of soundproof doors
Fabrication of acoustic doors
Soundprood door Utility

  • Acoustic doors for Cultural centers

  • Acoustic doors for Energy plants

  • Acoustic doors for testesting rooms

  • Acoustic doors theaters

  • Acoustic doors music venues

Soundproof door - Acoustic doors
AAA acustica ambiental aplicada
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